What we do, and we really like doing this, is work with individuals and companies to figure out approaches to meet their business goals. This can be as broad as a company’s new product or service strategy or as specific as finding a marketing partner or analyzing a competitor’s sponsorship activities. We have the resources, the expertise and the energy to make sure things are done right.

Business Strategy – Product/service development analysis and planning; Marketing and Sales; Business Development; Operations; Partnership/Sponsorship consideration; Financial planning and investment sourcing

Market Research – Customer/Fan identification and analysis; Market sizing and assessment; Sponsor/Advertiser/Partner identification and evaluation; Competitor mapping and due diligence; Operational auditing; and Financial analysis

We deliver the results of our research and analysis in the deliverable best suited for action on your part. So if you need a business plan, executive summary, company or market profile, financial projections, we will get it done and deliver in a Word document, PPT file, Excel spreadsheet, rich media, online, and/or hard copy. Whatever you need.

Sample Client Projects and Inquiries

• Potential sponsor due diligence – industry, specific companies for
sports and entertainment leader

• Major pro league property research – Trends in attendance,
viewership and brand loyalty for major health insurance provider
considering a partnership

• Demographics research – Trending in number and location of
Hispanics in the U.S.

• Brainstorming of new products and potential names for sports
equipment manufacturer

• Sports preferences – playing and watching – amongst women

• Best practices for brand extension, revenue generation for
sports/entertainment property

• Consumer preferences of various promotions/incentives

• Social Networking and Fan Avidity

• Media Consumption habits of Teen/Tweens – online, radio, TV